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Agro-investment Options In Ghana

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The Akuffo-Addo led administration has made it a priority to increase the capacity and the yield of the Agricultural sector. This has seen various policies being promoted for this cause. The emphasis on increasing the value of farm produce has also opened a new market for investors.

Are you thinking of moving over to Africa and investing in the Agro sector? Well, Ghana has some beautiful opportunities. Seven of these are listed below to assist you in making your decision. A little information for you before you continue reading. Are you looking for a platform containing amazing information and to network with like minds? Look no further than our Facebook page

Poultry Farming in Ghana

Ghana has for long being a nation that has had to rely on the importation of literally all poultry products. This is quite amazing as the resources for home-grown rearing, production and marketing exist. In recent years, local farms have stepped in but they are still a long way off from meeting demand. 

There are so many opportunities in this industry for potential investors. You can open a high-quality hatchery, you can build a large commercial farm, and you can even set up a feed production plant. The opportunities are endless. 

Cattle Rearing in Ghana

Ghanaians love their meat  and beef is their most consumed meat-accounting for 33% of all locally produced meat. Ghanaian farmers though have exploited just an infinitesimal percentage of the potential of this sector. They largely practice pastoral grazing farming, beef and beef products are still imported and dairy products are almost entirely imported.

An investor who steps in to apply modern techniques stands to gain a lot and can even venture into the international market. There is a huge market sub regionally and continentally for dairy export. The market for dairy products is infinite both locally and externally.

Manufacturing of Farm Inputs in Ghana

Most of the tools, machinery, and materials needed for farming in this country are imported. This caused prices to shoot up astronomically for high-quality ones. Those which come at cheaper prices are abysmally inferior.

A potential investor who sets up a plant for the manufacturing of farm tools is in for a windfall. Not only will he/she be able to control prices but with assured quality, that venture would have a large slice of the market for the foreseeable future.

Private consultation and farm extension services in Ghana

Most of the farmers in this country still largely use traditional methods; thus not taking full advantage of their resources. This is because they lack knowledge of experts and access to these experts.

This thus creates a market that seeks the apt skill and knowledge. With the right marketing and correspondence, you can avail your services to these farmers. The more they grow, the more you grow, the more the nation gains. It is a win-win situation for everyone.

Floriculture in Ghana

Most flowers used for events or gifts in this country are largely plastic. For a country whose citizens have a strong inclination for the romantic, this shouldn’t be the case.

Largescale commercial floriculture in this country is a virgin sector. It is about time investors step in to set up large-scale farms for the cultivation of flowers. These investors will even export these flowers as is being done in Kenya and Tanzania.  Backed by the government they can sign international trade deals that would guarantee a ready international market.

Cassava processing in Ghana

According to a report from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Ghana produces 16 million tonnes of cassava annually. Of this, 11 million is available for consumption but only 4 million gets consumed. This means approximately 7 million gets wasted.

As the nation lays more emphasis on industrialization, investors can take advantage of this excess and process them into commercial products. Such products include but are not limited to High-quality cassava flour, industrial starch, and high-quality cassava chips, etc.

Fruit juice production in Ghana

Majority of the packaged fruit juice brands consumed in this country are imported. 99% of these contain additives. Most local brands which try to meet the huge demands for freshly pressed, non-additive-containing juices falter. Their flavors are monotonous, quality is poor and thus they can’t fully service the market.

The best and largest selling of these local brands- Blue Skies which is of high quality, is quite costly and can’t exploit the full potential of the market. An investor who can set up a venture that brings in more variety and is cheaper will certainly take over the market.

The investment opportunities in the agricultural sector in Ghana are vast and practically infinite. These seven options are to help hone your plans into something viable. If you opt to pick other alternatives, we would advise you to seek a consultant with good repute to guide you.

You should also do more reading on our website and Facebook platform. There is a wide range of information regarding doing business in Africa. You are also certain to find excellent people on our platform to connect with and bring your plans to the fore.

FAQ for Agro-investment Options In Ghana

Are there any major multinational companies in Ghana?

In virtually all the sectors, you can find many of the internationally known brands in Ghana. Firms like Merck, Novartis, Nestle, KPMG, and Google all have a strong presence in Ghana. The CEO of Twitter even recently announced he will be setting up the Africa headquarters here.

Why does Ghana have a large population of people who are originally from the diaspora?

Ghana has always been home to people of African origin. Firstly it is either the place of origin or the passage route of many of those who were forced into slavery. Descendants of these thus have a strong connection to Ghana. Secondly our first president Osagyefo. Dr. Kwame Nkrumah emphasized the conviction that Ghana was home to every “Black man”. 

Is Ghana a fun place to live

We will leave that for you to find out. Just keep in mind that there is a reason why we are tagged “the nation that never sleeps”. There is also sound backing to our reputation on the continent as “the land where there is no old woman”

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