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Eight Agro-investment Options in Tanzania

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Like most African nations, Tanzania is blessed with soil that promotes crop cultivation and also endless possibilities for success in the agricultural sector. A point emphasized by its approximately forty-four million hectares of land classified as suitable for agriculture.

Over the past two decades, the government has sought to rapidly increase revenue and industrialize the nation. This has seen the promotion of public-private partnerships, incentives for investors, and other positive policies. Are you considering being part of this drive? We have eight viable opportunities listed below. If you would like a social media platform to find edifying information regarding doing business in Africa and networking, do kindly follow our Facebook page.

Cashew farming in Tanzania

Cashew has gained a reputation in the market over the years as a nut of affluence. In urban areas, a few grams sell at quite high sums. These nuts though have been grown in Tanzania for years and serve as a source of foreign income.
With the amount of land still available for farming and the introduction of modern farming techniques, the earnings from cashew can be infinitely increased. Investors who will delve into the modern cultivation and processing of these nuts will be set to make great gains.

Sugarcane production in Tanzania

Another produce whose earnings on the foreign market can be markedly increased. Currently, despite being one of the foreign income earners for Tanzania, its potential has been barely exploited.
With the right expertise, high-yielding varieties can be cultivated. Land is available all around Tanzania for this purpose and the government is willing to offer its support in whatever way possible to make such venture fruitful.

Dairy in Tanzania

Milk is an essential factor in our diets. Trillions of liters of milk are consumed daily. This industry is a trillion-dollar one that has lasted for centuries and will never wane.

Tanzania has large swaths of land that can be used for rearing the cows and also establishing manufacturing stations for milk production. Aside from milk, there is also a large market for derivatives such as cheese, butter, and yogurt.

Maize in Tanzania

The maize industry in Tanzania almost has its supply meeting the demands of her people. This implies that investors who delve into this market will have an international market to supply. Since the government yearns to increase export yield, they will throw their weight behind any investor in this sector.

Maize is not just a staple in most countries and a key ingredient in snack production, it is also used as a major component of animal feed. Investing in this sector can make you an invaluable player on the international market.

Rice Cultivation in Tanzania

Rice is one of the highest consumed staples internationally. Africa in particular consumes millions of tonnes annually. Despite efforts made by the government of certain countries to localize production, a high percentage of it is still being imported.

This gap in supply presents a billion-dollar market to any investor. Excellent local policies create an outlet for investors to thrive in this business. This in addition to continental policies like the AfCFTA provides a tremendous platform for investors to have a successful brand.

Wheat in Tanzania

Wheat is a major component of most of our food and beverage products in Africa. Yet, we largely have to import a high quantum of it. Tanzania has been cultivating wheat for years now in her highlands but this is infinitesimal in meeting her demands.

Investors who can come in and take advantage of this dearth, will not only have a sub-regional market to serve, they will also have a continental one that exceeds one billion people. With the assured backing of the government, you are almost certain of making huge gains.

Spices in Tanzania

The Arabic influence in Tanzania injected a unique array of spice into the traditional variety already known to Africans. This has given Tanzania an amazing collection of spices to offer to the world.

The spice industry in Tanzania has boundless potential. Over the years, organizations like the GCCA have been at the forefront of training farmers in spice farming. This means the expertise is there. An investor that comes in with the right injection of machinery and technology, will be poised to make great wealth from this sector.

Floriculture in Tanzania

The cultivation and sale of flowers is currently worth over a hundred billion dollars. Even with such high worth, the potential for growth remains enormous as more people become more equipped to spend.

In Tanzania, this industry kick-started in 1986 and has steadily grown over time. Nonetheless there is still infinite opportunity to increase capacity and gain in this sector. In addition to the already known Arusha, there are arable lands in places Tanga-Usambara, Iringa, Mbeya and Kagera, etc that available to be utilized.

Agriculture requires hard work, dedication, great skill, and vision. With the right input of technology and capital, an investor stands to make the requisite gains for his/her effort. The fact that the majority of agricultural produce will always be a daily need to man creates a seamless and endless market.

These eight suggested options are profitable ones that should guide your investment plans. You should check out our social media page for more information to help shape your ideas regarding investing in Africa. In addition to great content, be certain to meet like minds. Do not forget to like, comment, and share our posts.

FAQ for Agro-investment Options in Tanzania

Are there good tourist sites in Tanzania?

Tanzania has some of the most breathtaking places to visit on the planet. It is home to the immaculate Kilimanjaro and the amazing Serengeti Reserve. We actually have an article on places you must see in Tanzania. You should check it out in our Travel Section.

Are Tanzanians disciplined?

Tanzanians are disciplined and dignified. In addition to their cultural upbringing, this character has been honed via deliberate efforts by the government over the years. Be sure to hear a Tanzanian call you out when you step out of line. When you travel there, simply abide by all the rules. 

Are the security services in Tanzania corrupt?

There are elements of corruption in every institution in the world. The same applies to Tanzania. Largely though, her security services are highly professional and efficient in carrying out their duties. The important thing is that effective systems are in place to weed out the bad eggs.

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