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Eight Reasons to Move to Rwanda

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Excellent street food

One of the easiest ways to understand people is to indulge yourself in their cuisines. What better approach to go about this than sharing dishes available to everyone? Street food.

Rwanda has a vast array of street food. There is something for whatever food inclination you are. Veg, Non-Veg, Vegan, Halal, or Kosher. There is the beloved Ibirayi. The Akabenz for the pork eating meat-lovers. The virtually tasteless but multipurpose Ugali; which comes to life when combined with condiments or other dishes.

Beautiful people

Physically Rwandese are gorgeous. Their regal nature has been extolled by the West since time immemorial. Innately, they have good hearts and are apt illustrations of the hospitable nature Africans are renowned for.

You can be certain that living amongst Rwandans will be an uplifting experience. Your neighbors will shower you with gifts. Your coworkers will look out for your welfare. The security service will act in an astutely professional manner. You will be rendered a helping hand here and there by people who will be delighted to engage you.

Positive economic metrics

Rwanda has arguably had the best economic growth indicators on the continent over the past decade. During this period, the average GDP growth has been 6%. Inflation has also not gone beyond 6% as well during this duration. Like everywhere else in the world, the economy was stalled by the pandemic. 

Despite this lull, Rwanda is rapidly bouncing back to her feet. Projections are looking astutely positive. Not only will things return to normalcy but there will be a healthy increase going forward. More avenues are being explored as the government continues pushing for rapid industrialization and modernization. This will see the economy boom further. 

Intriguing natural reserves

Rwanda is not only a breathtaking geographical location due to its alluring landscape. It is a place overflowing with priceless natural beauties. All of these unique in their own way yet a reflection of the infinite allure of nature. There are currently four natural reserve parks in Rwanda which cover more than a million kilometers.

The Akagera National Park is home to lions, giraffes, buffaloes, elephants and other species. The Nyugwe National Park – famous for its primate species and highland rainforest. The Volcanoes National Park; which is the most heavily patrolled in the world and the oldest in Africa. It has five volcanoes and the entire range it encompasses (The Virunga Mountains) is the only home of the regal Mountain gorillas. Lastly, the Mukura-Gishwati National Park. This was gazetted in 2015 making it the most recent addition. It is home to a vast array of primates. 

Governmental support

Rwanda sits highly on various rankings with regard to entrepreneurship and doing business. It currently ranks number three on the ease of doing business scale in Africa. Indications are clear that by the end of the decade, it will hold the first position.

Registration of a business in Rwanda is one of the simplest things possible. Within just three hours, you should have your business certificate ready. You just have to ensure you apply with the requisite documents.  The absence of corruption and bureaucratic bottlenecks make these processes highly efficient. The same scenario is in place when you operate your venture.

Inspiring landmarks

“The land of a thousand hills” is a moniker that perfectly befits this nation. Rwanda is a country with sites that spark all the colors of emotions possible. From the simply breathtaking, to the downright tearful. All of these epitomizing the history, heritage and journey of this beautiful little nation.

There is the scenic Lake Ruhondo whose serene ambiance calms all your worries. The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a place that cautions everyone never to sink to such evil depths. The majestic Gahinga volcano in all its glory inspires us of our duty to look after Mother Earth. Throw in the amazing weather here and you have your paradise

Lower cost of living

Just like most African countries, you do not need much finances to be able to live “comfortably”. Most groceries are less than a dollar per kilo. They are ubiquitous and they also come with the huge advantage of usually being “organic”.

Without rent, the monthly cost of living is $456. For a family of four, this rises to $1612. This is way lower than that many countries in the world. To have a perfect comparative outlook of things, the cost of living in Rwanda is 51.50% lower than that of the U.S.  Rent in Rwanda is also a whopping 62.40% lower than that of the U.S. Actually, the farther you are from the urban areas, the more accessible and cheaper things get.

Low crime rate

The security of Rwanda is heralded as one of the best in the world. Utterly professional and efficient security personnel keep everything and everyone in check. It is thus no surprise that Rwanda has over the past two decades had one of the lowest crime rates on the continent.

The interesting thing about all the crime parameters is that they all indicate lower levels against foreigners. The implication of this is simple- Rwanda is one of the safest places for a foreigner to live. 

Do you need any more reason to move to this alluring nation? Whatever your intents, you are sure to have the right climate here. If you seek to invest, there are wonderful incentives and provisions from the government. If you intend to retire, the weather and ambiance of nature give you the apt serenity.
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Are there seaports in Rwanda?

Rwanda is a landlocked country. The nation has to rely on other countries like Kenya and Tanzania for importing things by sea. It is thus a testament to the fortitude of this nation that it has managed to keep things affordable and make giant economic gains.

Is it a crime for a woman to wear shorts?

No, it is not a crime for women to wear shorts or any other clothing of their preference in Rwanda. There is no law whatsoever inhibiting anyone’s choice of clothing. You must keep in mind though that African countries are still largely culturally sensitive and conservative. It is important to respect people by being “moderate” in your dressing.

How many languages are spoken in Rwanda?

Rwanda has four official languages. The first one which is designated as the national language is Kinyarwanda. The other three are Swahili, English, and French. Most Rwandese though are quite fluent in English so there won’t be any language issues. Be certain to pick up some vocabs in Kinyarwanda and Swahili. They will come in handy. 

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