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Fascinating Asian Restaurants in Accra

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The Asian community has for many years been firmly established in Ghana. Their beautiful culture has become interwoven into the essence of this nation. Their restaurants being their greatest ambassadors in illustrating their ways-blessing us with their food.

Are you a lover of Asian cuisine? Well, you won’t be missing a thing when you are in Ghana. Below is a list of seven fascinating Asian Restaurants in Accra. Before you continue reading, we will like to inform you of our lovely Facebook platform. It is a great space to get vital info on Africa and to network.

Santoku Restaurant and Bar in Accra

An elegant restaurant that embodies the classy, artistic, and detailed nature of the Japanese. It is a space that brings every facet of these beautiful people into creating the perfect romantic space.
This posh space is located in the luxurious Villagio Vista. The ambiance this space provides is heavenly. The lighting, the music, and the immaculate services of the staff will certainly give you a breathtaking experience you will cherish forever.

Tandoor Indian Restaurant in Accra

This space has been touted as the oldest Indian restaurant in Ghana and has seen three different generations of owners. It is proof of how Indians have become part and parcel of Ghanaian life.

The restaurant is generally heralded by everyone who has experienced it as one of the finest Indian restaurants in the world. This is well deserved. With the emphasis on Mughlai cuisines, this restaurant is a one-stop place to get any Indian delicacy you desire.

Noble House in Accra

This is a cozy space that specializes in serving Indian and Chinese meals. There are over a hundred dishes to choose from. All their meals are in line with the healthy, organic food mantra that Asians have been associated with since time immemorial.

There are three branches of this restaurant in Accra. They are located at Tesano, Osu, and East Legon. The quality of meals and the amazing services characterize all branches. You can thus patronize the one that is most convenient for you. Holistically though, we rate the East Legon branch as the best of the lot.

Zion Thai in Accra

This is a fascinating restaurant that brings you all the essence of Thai cuisine. Interestingly, despite being one of the few out and out Thai restaurants in the country, meals here are affordable.
Virtually everyone who gets to visit this place describes the experience as “pleasant”. And why won’t they say so? The food here is hearty, the ambiance is uplifting and the staff are doting. If you love Thai cuisine or would want to try it out, this is the place for you.

Imperial Peking Chinese Restaurant in Accra

This space has been an institution not just amongst Asian restaurants in the country but in the entire hospitality industry. It is a restaurant whose class, elegance, and top-notch services have become entrenched as iconic in Ghanaian society.
Everything about this space is a work of art and elite quality. The meals are some of the healthiest and most delicious you will ever taste. With over twenty years of excellence, this place is firmly established as the finest Chinese restaurant in Ghana.

Regal Chinese Restaurant in Accra

This is a simple yet fascinating Chinese restaurant that does an amazing job in giving people a feel of the legendary Chinese cuisines. It is a business that has a rich history in this nation and has over the past 25 years served the people with prime excellence. It is thus not a surprise how much it is beloved by the people. 

The utterly accommodating and professional nature of their staff make your time here even more worthwhile.  Unlike many of its other contemporaries in Accra, it is quite affordable. This is a wonderful budget space to indulge yourself in delicious and healthy oriental meals.

Palace Chinese Restaurant in Accra

This restaurant is everything like any top-class traditional restaurant in China you might have seen in the movies or magazines. It comes complete with the red Chinese balloon lamp holders. A perfect array of Chinese alcoholic beverages and workers fully clad in Chinese regalia.   Currently, there are two branches of this business. One of them is located in the prestigious East Legon community. The other is at the equally posh Dzorwulu commune. Both facilities though are excellent at giving you the perfect Chinese culinary experience.

The taste of Asia is right in Accra alongside their amazing culinary skill and doting culture. If you are an Asian coming to Ghana, you will surely get all your favorite dishes. If you are a lover of Asian food, these restaurants offer you all your desires.

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FAQ for Fascinating Asian Restaurants in Accra

Does Ghana have a large presence of Middle Easterners?

There are many citizens of Middle Eastern countries in Ghana. Many of them have literally become Ghanaians. They have businesses in Ghana, intermarried with Ghanaians, and have come to call this land home. The number of Middle Easterners living in Ghana should be at least 100,000.

Can foreigners work in the hospitality industry?  

Yes, it is legal for foreigners to work in the hospitality industry. There are many mid-scale businesses that are owned and operated by foreigners. This industry is actually one of the highest employers of foreigners in the country. You must make sure though to find out all the right information before coming over.

Is there a large community of Asians in Ghana?  

The number of Asians in Ghana should be at least a million. These people have lived in Ghana since time immemorial with some of them owning some of the biggest brands in this nation. The majority of them are either Chinese or Indian but there are healthy populations from other countries.

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