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Great Places in Dars Es Salaam for Art Lovers

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Nafasi Art Space

This is one of the main fun places in Dars Es Salaam for the art buffs. It is a bubbly hub where artists in both the visual and performed art spheres come to showcase their talents. To show how popular this place is, an average of a thousand people patronize it each month.

With over thirty-seven studios, fifty listed artists, and several exhibition areas, it is only natural to say that you will be certain to meet your needs here. In addition to being a place for showcasing the arts, it also functions as a training institution. There is a wide range of training programs and workshops always happening here.

Tingatinga Arts Co-operative Society

This is the most popular visual arts center in Tanzania by a million miles. Tingatinga is actually a painting style synonymous with Tanzania. It was invented by the famous self-taught legendary artist Edward Saidi Tingatinga.

Upon his sudden death, his acolytes, mentees, and admirers came together to preserve his legacy which had become a national heritage. The product of their union was this cooperative society. The institution doubles as both a painting school and an exhibition facility. It also aids with the efficient and reliable sales of the artworks of members on the international market.

Art Garage

This place is an easily recognizable one that churns out incredible sculptures. The artists that work here use waste materials to pop up some of the most amazing artwork you will ever come across. It is thus not a surprise that it has been visited by popular personalities such as Prince Fumihito, Prince Charles, and George Walker Bush.

In addition to being an emblem of the infinite capabilities of art and environmental conservation, the place also stands for something more inspiring. Thirty of its artists are differently-abled. This is apt proof that nothing can or should limit anyone from exploiting their talents maximally.

TIC Gallery

This is a gallery that has a modern twist to it. It is promoted as an out-and-out gift shop. You can thus find anything art related you need. Sculptures, paintings, drawings, fabric work, leatherwork, shadings, and even books. They even deal in premium foodstuffs such as coffee and spices.  If you want a one-stop art shop, then this is the place for you.
Most of the items on display here are not just from Tanzania. They are selected from across the sub-region. The staff here are famed for being helpful, friendly, and engaging. They are also well versed in the wares they sell and will aid you to make the best selection.

Chuma Art Workshop

This is another place that environmental conservationists are going to fall in love with. On the last count, this art crafting and exhibition business had turned an estimated five tons of waste material into amazing artwork.

Established just four years ago, it is thus not a surprise that it has swiftly banged its way onto the top art spaces in Tanzania. The skill to churn out these vast plethoras of amazing artwork are being taught at this institution alongside other visual art skills. If you, your ward, or anyone in your circles has the proclivity or talent for art, this is a great place to hone it.

Kokoten Studio

This place is just a decade old but holds claim to being the best and most modern of all the fine art studios and galleries in the country. The ambiance here is heartwarming and artistic. The works on display are simply mesmerizing.

It is not just an art exhibition center. It is an artistic institution fervently involved in the research and development of art in Tanzania and the sub-region. You can thus get ample data from them if your appreciation of the art also hinges on its academic side.

Nyumba ya Sanaa

This place is located in the city center and is close to certain prime places such as The National Museum. It is an amazing place to get to know about the rich, beautiful history of African and Tanzanian art. Its resourceful and amiable guides are ever willing to indulge you.

It is a wonderful place to get to see finely crafted leatherworks, jewelry and wood carvings. The Nyumba ya Sanaa also comes with another lovely perk famed by most tourists. Artwork here is way cheaper than at other “conventional” art shops or sites.

Art is life. It is the sustenance of any nation. Whether it be in the reinvigorating lyrics of a poem, the cathartic tone of a song or the sublime colors of a painting. Everyone gets their emotions whipped up by the arts. You should do well to indulge yourself in the art Tanzania has to offer by seeing these spaces.

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