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Great places in Kigali for the Art Lovers

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Kigali Centre for Photography

If you are a lover of the enchantment people can create with the camera then we have killed two birds with one stone for you. Not only is this place a gem of a photography gallery, but it is also the only one of its kind in all of Kigali.
This amazing photography studio gives a holistic and breathtaking diorama of the skills of photographers. It offers residency to visiting photographers and is also a training hub for young Rwandans and other willing participants. If you want a tour organized for you, it is important to book in advance.

Azizi Life Studio

This is quite an intriguing place. It is a must if you are simply fascinated about learning about indigenous art. Launched with the aim of creating a fair and profitable market for Rwandese artists, this institution has prospered and is now a powerhouse of empowerment.

Albeit a great place to see and pick up skills on traditional Rwandese art, the art displayed, taught, and promoted in this place goes beyond that. The array of art and events here are boundless in scope. Every day is for a different kind of artistic illustration. It is thus best to check up with their schedule before visiting.

Inema Arts Center

Like most galleries in Africa, the aim is to promote local, sub-regional and continental artists. Like most art facilities in Rwanda, this space is also actively involved in the training of Rwandan artists.
This is arguably the most popular place to enjoy art in Rwanda. It has countless artists in residency and has a wide range of artworks on display. This includes beadworks, paintings, shadings, and collages.

Choose Kigali

This place is not just an art gallery, it is a work of art in itself. The grand architecture of the building with its seemingly endless array of artworks. The divine illumination of the structure. The lushness of its landscape. The ambiance of the atmosphere. This space is one that indeed illustrates the fascinating grace of art.
Amazingly, it is only two years old; yet it has gained international fame and the reasons are infinite. The facility also runs a world-class dining which features illustrious names in the culinary industry and operates a touring service.

Rwanda Art Museum

This is quite an intriguing place that sparks the most solemn of feelings when visited. Formerly a presidential palace, it now offers a blend of Rwanda’s history, culture, heritage, and art justifying its apt designation as a National Heritage Site.
One of the most popular articles at this space are the debris of an infamous plane crash. The tour guides you will encounter are not just astute professionals but perfect emblems of the nation. Majority of them being survivors of the genocide.

Niyo Arts Gallery

The colorful nature of the buildings will give you a striking feel of what to expect when you step past its gates. Mesmerizing graffiti on the walls and the array of colors of the roofing sheets do the apt wordless introduction.
These vibrant portrayals of this gallery are also the requisite metaphor to illustrate that it a place of a wide range of arts and purposes. Aside from the wonderful fine artworks, you will see here, it is also a place of music, dance, and drumming. An artistic space that emphasizes educating and uplifting society via the arts.

Ivuka Arts Gallery

This is a simple yet sublime art space. It holds a prestigious record in the Rwandan art world. It is the first open studio where Rwandese artists got to work together and exhibit and sell their finished creations.
Fourteen years since it was established, it has grown even better in scope and impact. The range of art on display here is all-encompassing.It includes paintings, sculptures, and traditional craftwork such as necklaces, handbags, and fabrics. 

Looking forward to enjoying these spaces and all the other amazing places and things Kigali has to offer right? Well, we would want you not to limit yourself to this list. There are many other sites in Kigali where you can enjoy life and the arts. Go explore them all.

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Does Rwanda have great street food?

Technically the sale of food on the streets of places like Kigali is banned. That doesn’t mean Rwanda didn’t have street food before that. Those dishes are still very much in existence and form part and parcel of typical Rwandan life. They are tasty, quick to prepare, organic, and holistically nutritious. You will find them in most restaurants there.

Are Rwandans a religious people?

Yes, Rwandans are deeply religious people irrespective of the faith they practice. It is thus wise to make sure that as much as possible you stay away from offending people when you are there. Do your best to understand the religious inclinations of those around you. This though shouldn’t stop you from having a great time.

Are foreigners allowed to visit the genocide memorials

The memorial sites are actually tourist attractions. Everyone is allowed to go see the place. They are quite a solemn places to be. You will most likely be drawn to tears. If you want to go see them, it is best to go with a Rwandese who can give you a detailed explanation of things.

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