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Great Places in Kigali to Enjoy Live Band Music (Part 1)

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Will you be in Rwanda anytime soon? Well, below is a list of eight places we are certain you will enjoy the best live band music. Be kindly reminded at this point of our wonderful social media platform. You will find the best information available there and also get to make the most fruitful networks.

Pili Pili in Kigali

The place is a simple yet elegant location. Everyone who has been here extols it for the relaxing vibes it emanates. Everything here is structured to give you the best time possible. The meals served here  are actually legendary across the country.
Despite the calming feel, the music at this space can be groovy at times. You will most likely put on your dancing shoes when the uplifting notes hit you.

Papyrus Restaurant in Kigali

This restaurant is themed as a healthy Asian one and duly serves oriental cuisines. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, this is one of the finest places to get great meals. The quality and array of food served here are aptly praised by everyone who has patronized it.
The nightlife of the Papyrus is also highly acclaimed by all. Musicians perform beautiful tunes under the charmingly lit area enhancing the calm, classy ambiance of the Papyrus.

Kigali Marriot Hotel

The Marriot range of hotels is the epitome of grand majesty, finesse, and indulgence. The Kigali branch is no different. This touch of exquisiteness cuts across everything the hotel offers and yes; this includes the music. The Live bands that perform here are engaging and bubbly. They include both young bands and elderly ones. All of them abundantly skilled at their art to provide you with a seemingly unending litany of different genres of music.

Hotel Des Mille Collines

This facility already comes with hugely revered fame. You might want to research its place in Rwandan history if you don’t know what we are talking about. It is a place of class and posh with divine views of the city from wherever you sit.

The hotel has four (restaurants and bars) scattered around its facility where musical performances happen. The bands that come to perform here are silky and magnificent in their art. If you are a fan of jazz and blues, this is the best place for it. Albeit on the expensive side, the experience you will get here is priceless.


Famed for offering a rich array of African cuisine, Cocobean is one of the most patronized places of entertainment in Kigali. Despite being famous for the African dishes served here, they also offer many delicious international dishes and drinks.

Their night club is a great place to be at when dusk falls. The musicians that come to perform are electric in going about their art. All genres of music are available here. Despite the place being economically friendly, it comes with all what you would expect from an elite place.

Repub Lounge

Over here, you will get an exquisite experience. Great food. Delicious drinks. The alluring classy atmosphere in a sublime setting and soothing music in the background as you feast. This is during the day.

At night, this space throws in the additional live band performances. A variety of genres are sung here but they are mostly of the soft kind. The Repub Lounge is also a prime location for many events especially those of the artistic kind. You are thus more likely to get more goodies than music.

Inema Arts Centre in Kigali

This place is a premium art gallery during the day and a place of training for amateur and professional artists. It is one of the biggest art facilities of its kind in all of Africa. Yoga training and dance sessions also happen here.

At night, the space becomes a hub of bright invigorating lights, live band music and other artistic performances. These normally occur at its lush, cozy café which is located within the facility. The cocktails and rich coffee served here are simply amazing.


This is a popular spot for everyone who desires to indulge in Kigali Nightlife. This is largely because it is one of the most affordable entertainment spots around. The meaty dishes served here (especially The Nyama Choma) are the yummiest you can find anywhere around. The music here is varied and vibrant. R and B and Afro-pop songs are the most popular. Patrons love to show off their skills and will readily invite you to join them. Alcohol here is so cheap, you might be tempted to keep on drinking. Resist that urge.

Traditional pieces, internationals songs. Literally all the genres you can think of are performed at these places we have listed for you. Visit all of them and select the best that fits your inclinations and desires. We can assure you though that you will love the moments you spend here.

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Are the streets of Kigali safe for women?

Kigali is one of the safest countries in the world to live in. A lot of emphasis is placed on the protection, respect, and promotion of girls and women. If you are a lady thinking of visiting or relocating to Kigali, know that you will be in safe hands. You have nothing to fear.

Will I have any trouble walking around in shorts?

You can walk around in whatever clothes you desire. No one is going to bother you about it. You must understand though that Rwandans are traditionally conservative people. As much as possible, try to avoid doing things (which you can easily do without) that may offend people’s sensitivities.

Do the police harass women in Rwanda?

Like we stated earlier, women are given utmost reverence in Rwanda. The nation also has an astutely professional police force. Your liberties are well respected in Rwanda as long as you abide by the laws of the land. As a woman, you should not worry about being harassed by anyone for that matter when you are in Rwanda.

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