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Great Places in Kigali to Enjoy Live Band Music (Part 2)

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Enjoyed our first episode of this series right? We are adding seven more amazing places to spoil you with choices. Before you continue reading, we will love to introduce you to our Facebook page. It is a great place to get amazing information on Africa and network with fascinating people, 

Envy in Kigali

This is a hugely popular spot in Kigali. This is largely because it is an immensely affordable place to have a great time at night. In fact, it has Free Friday Nights and Free Ladies nights which no entrance fees are charged.
The resident DJs are vibrant in their approach and are always airing out tunes that get the crowd charged up. The same applies to the bands that perform here. This is an all-action-packed place.

Le Must Pub

This is a chic and sleek place that has a bubbly feel about it. Albeit being a small location, it has one of the most colorful and vibrant feels you will get anywhere in the world. Be it the DJs, the bands, or individual musicians performing, the energy is over the top.
The stock of drinks available here is vast. You can pretty much get most of the household names in the alcohol industry. If you seek a party-like atmosphere, then this is the place for you.

K Club

This is a club that is renowned for being stylish in its approach to business. The atmosphere is flashy with avant-garde lighting and décor. The details rendered to the presentation of drinks and whipping up cocktails are mesmerizing. It is thus no surprise that the people who patronize it are also flamboyant in their appearance.

Despite its glitzy nature, K-Club is beloved for being an affordable place to have great fun. Weekends are the only days an entrance fee is charged. This is due to the overwhelming patronage. The music performances here are naturally of the effervescent kind.

Java House

This is one of the most elegant places out there. The simple yet intriguing layout of the place is mind-blowing. The delicious nature of the meals served here is the talk of the town. Huge praises also go to the tidy outlook of this space and the staff’s friendliness.
Its Huevos Rancheros has become its hallmark meal. You can enjoy eating whilst hugely talented bands play beautiful songs in the background. This is a serene place for you to relax.

Mocha Café

Organic and healthy meals in a dreamingly lit calming environment is what you should expect when you visit this place. The Mocha Café is a simple graceful space that gives you an experience that is nothing less than divine.

The meals that are served here are not only organic and healthy, they are indulgingly tasty. Huge effort is placed into their presentation. The same goes for cocktails and other drinks. The music here is of soft type. All in all, this is a great place to soothe your nerves.

Metallica Club and Resto Bar

Heads up: This is not a place where they solely play metal rock or rock music of any form. In fact, this is more of a place for Jazz music than any other genre. The musicians that get to perform here are extolled for their immense skill and endearing covers.

The colorful and bubbly nature of the place is enough to indicate to you that you are certainly going to have a great time. In addition to the fascinating musicians that come to perform. This space is also praised for its amazing food, lovely cocktails, and graciously amiable staff. It is thus not a surprise it is hailed as one of the best Kigali bars


Excellent food, amazing aura, and a sophisticated setting are the best terms to describe this place. Largely set in an open space, you get to enjoy your time here as the friendly staff put in all the effort and some more to give you a top-class feel.

This place gives you complete value for money. Yummy food is served in ample portions and the range is enough to cater to everyone’s proclivity. The open-air nature juxtaposed with the skilled performance of the artists leaves you with wonderful feelings and memories.

Whatever your musical inclinations, there is surely a place on our list that fits your yearnings. If you find it before exhausting the list? Fine. If convenient for you though, we would advise you to visit all the places and enjoy their unique tastes.

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FAQ for Great Places in Kigali to Enjoy Live Band Music

How many national parks are in Rwanda?

Rwanda has four national parks. These are the Nyungwe Forest National Park, The Volcanoes National Park, The Gishwati Mukura National Park, and the Akagera National Park. With more than a thousand species on display, the patronage of these parks is astronomical. When you get to visit this little beautiful nation, be prepared to be wowed by its sheer diverse beauty.

Are there any Rwandese pubs that foreigners can’t patronize?

There is freedom of movement and association for everyone in Rwanda. It is thus within your rights to patronize every facility open to the public. If you are in Rwanda and you fancy any of the pubs or any other place of entertainment, just simply walk in and have a great time.

What system of governance does Rwanda operate?

Rwanda practices a unitary system of governance. This implies that affairs of the state are centralized and controlled from the capital-Kigali. It also gives the president enormous power. Interestingly, the legislature is broken down into two parts- The Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. There is a prime minister but his power is infinitesimal.

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