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Investment Options in the Kenyan Education Sector

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As education in Kenya gets more advanced and available, a vast array of opportunities are arising. These avenues for investment are feasible ones that are certain to be prosperous for a long time.

Do you have plans to invest in Kenya? Are you deliberating over what sector to invest in? We suggest you put your money into the Education sector. Below we outline viable opportunities, explaining why. Be kindly reminded at this juncture of our Facebook page. This is an amazing platform with wonderful minds to partner with.

Supplies in Kenya

As schools expand and become more accessible, so will the need for materials needed for teaching and study. Items like books, markers, pens, pencils et al will have to be made available to every student and teacher. The list of required materials is endless.

Whether you decide to import these items or to set up a local production firm to meet the demand is up to you. The fact that these items are perishable means you have a market that will always have a huge need.

Handling maintenance in Kenya

Tools, instruments, electronics, structures, machinery, etc. will get damaged and need to be repaired, serviced, or updated. As the population of students grows, so will be the number of items requiring these functions.

Many opportunities will arise at the local, regional and national scale. All of these won’t instantly be able to be catered for by one firm. If you position yourself properly and make the right moves, in the future, you can have a monopoly over this sub-sector.


We are in the computer age and literally every aspect of life hinges on computers and computerized devices. For a sector like that of education that is critically dependent on technology, the importance of ICT can’t be overstated.

Schools will need to have reliable and speedy internet supply. They will require hardware and software. These computers will need to be serviced and updated. Facilities in schools would have to be networked. There are an array of roles to be played.

Recruitment in Kenya

One big headache that firms try to circumvent around these days is recruitment. This has seen a sharp spur in the establishment of recruitment agencies. For positions as delicate as teaching and the others in education, the pros are your best bet to get the right staff.

A top-notch recruitment firm will have a pool of potential recruits. These should be able to aptly fit into positions that educational institutions need to be filled. You can even sign deals with the government to aid with the provision of non-teaching staff.

Consultancy for Kenyans

Government and pertinent institutions in the educational sector are always seeking the best ways to improve capacity and skill. In order to attain this, the right personnel are contacted to render the requisite guidance.

As a consultancy, you are responsible for seeing to it that the right policies are drafted and implemented. You can even decide to set up shop as a consultancy that doesn’t only cater for academic needs but the holistic growth of the sector. This means you will offer snippets on advice on  issues such as nutrition, exercises, etc.

Training in Kenya

As earlier stated, institutions are always yearning to be abreast with the best trends. This is to improve the overall abilities of staff and have the best impact on students. To this end, it is essential that workers periodically undergo professional training exercises.

You can set up a firm that consistently provides both academic and non-academic staff with the requisite skillset. This is certain to make you a major stakeholder in the educational sector. You can start small by signing long-term deals with a school or two and then build upon that.


As the expansion and availability of education continues intensely, the need for the most appropriate structures grows in tandem. Classrooms need to be built, playgrounds need to be set up. There are thousands of permanent structures educational institutions require. Getting the apt expertise is the issue.

This dearth is one you can easily and readily fill by setting up a building and construction firm that specializes in these. Since this will most likely be a major industry, you are certain to get ample governmental support.


Parents have to hassle to find the right academic institutions that tick their boxes. Students that are of age also struggle in making the right choices for their higher education. This usually sees students being shuffled from one institution to another. This is most common in the private educational sector.

A professional placement firm would have mopped up the individual needs of each parent and student. They will then juxtapose it with the requirements and fees these schools charge and bring about the right pairing. Issue solved. Kenyan education system improved. Money gained.

Projections clearly show that the education sector in Kenya will only get better. With time, technology and advanced skills will be applied to make things more efficient. Given that education is a need that will be with man forever, investment opportunities such as the listed ones will always thrive.

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FAQ for Investment Options in the Kenyan Education Sector

As a foreigner, can I own a car in Kenya?

The only property in Kenya foreigners are not allowed to own are landed ones. Aside from that, the legislation permits everyone to own whatever property they so desire. So yes, you can own a car in Kenya. You just have to make sure it is registered in Kenya if you will be staying for the long term.

Is football a big thing in Kenya?

We can’t think of any African nation that is not a football-loving one. Kenya has a thriving football culture that has steadily developed into a huge enterprise over the years. The captain of the National Men’s team Victor Wanyama is quite a household name internationally.

Does Kenya have a thriving Art Culture:

The art industry in Kenya is a good one that has flourished for years at the local and sub-regional levels. In recent years they have been great attempts to spread their works on a continental and global scale. That said and done, someone like Ngugi Wa Thiongo has been internationally acclaimed as a legendary author for years now.

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