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Living In Dars Es Salaam: What you should know?

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So, what would you like to know about this place? We have listed out eight pertinent things below. Do kindly remember to follow our Facebook page. If you are seeking to make great connections, you are certain to find the right people there.

Be conscious about your dressing in Dars Es Salaam

Tanzania has always been an immensely conservative nation. Albeit in modern times, lots of liberties are granted and rights respected, people still frown at certain things and some will openly complain. Dressing is high up that list.

As a lady, make it imperative to dress in a “non-exposing” manner. As much as possible, try not to look sexually revealing. Gentlemen should also dress in ways that indicate they are responsible folks.

There is fast food for everyone in Tanzania

Tanzania is the land of some of the most fascinating street fast food. There is literally something tasty for everyone and their culinary preferences. Ugali, Seafood galore, Nyama Choma, Chipsi Mayai, Mishikaki etc. All you need to do is step out.

It is important though to make sure that you are certain that the food is prepared under the most hygienic conditions. Although it might be tasty, your stomach will not be prepared like that of a local. This can easily cause a harsh stomach infection.

Do not dare litter in Dars Es Salaam

The government of Tanzania has taken serious steps in curbing environmental pollution. One of these is the ban since 2019 of plastic bags. This is a reflection of how sternly littering is frowned upon here.
Given how disciplined Tanzanians are, you can easily be on the wrong side of the law if found littering. Severe punishment may be meted on you. It is thus important to make sure whatever waste you have is aptly disposed. You can keep it in your pockets till you see a bin.

Be straightforward in your inquests in Tanzania

Tanzanians albeit hospitable people are folks that don’t like to talk too much. This can be traced down to the society of astute discipline it has garnered for decades now.

If you are in Tanzania and you need the assistance of a local, do well to be direct in your request. Also, pay rapt attention else you would be passed on to the next person. This though doesn’t mean you shouldn’t exchange pleasantries.

Build your Swahili vocabulary range in Dars Es Salaam

For many years, Swahili was the major language of communication here. This was a deliberate effort made by leaders to preserve the culture and enhance the Pan-African dignity.

It is thus not uncommon to find out that most Tanzanians would communicate back to you in Swahili. The language is an easy one to learn and if you would be here long-term, we will encourage you to. The fact it is dominantly spoken across most of Eastern and Southern Africa means it will be an asset to you.

Try to get your accommodation before moving over in Dars Es Salaam

This is the capital of the country and as it is with most capitals, things are expensive. This is naturally because of the high demand brought about by the quantum of people here. For a nation that thrives on tourism, such an astronomical cost of living in Dars es Salaam is expected.

Good accommodation is one of the major things that are costly. The scramble for it is constantly increasing. It is thus practical to make sure you make arrangements for your accommodation before moving over. It will save you from lots of heartaches.
Be prepared for a vast array of transportation choices: Dars es Salaam has one of the most fascinating arrays of road transport anyone can think of. The commercial ones are Bajaj (auto-rickshaws), boda boda( motorbikes), taxis, and dala dala(Commercial minibuses).

Even if you have a private car at your disposal, there will be times of rush hours when you need to get things done quickly and will rely on one of these.

Try to keep your pets within your property in Dars Es Salaam

There is a certain high phobia for dogs here. This is because most people normally use them for security purposes and not as pets. This has given the locals a negative perception of them as vicious beasts and they respond accordingly.

It is common for attacks on dogs to occur here. To prevent this, it is advisable that you keep your pet within your premises.

To perfectly enjoy a place, you must know its people and their ways. It is only by behaving like one of them that you can fully enjoy the essence of the land. Following these tips we have given you will surely see you having a great time.

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FAQ for Living In Dars Es Salaam

Is Tanzania at war?

Tanzania is one of the most peaceful and stable nations on the continent. There is no civil war ongoing in the nation neither is the state at war with any other country. Tanzanian troops though have been actively involved in maintaining peace, especially in the sub-region.

Is it difficult for foreigners to live in Tanzania

Foreigners have none of their basic rights trampled upon in Tanzania. As it is in most African nations, the people are always hospitable and helpful towards strangers. The cost of living is also lower than Western standards. We dare say, you will enjoy Tanzania better than any Western or Eastern nation.

Is Investing in Tanzania a great idea?

Investing right now in Tanzania, will be one of the best moves you can ever make. There are a vast array of incentives being currently provided by the government. Lots of opportunities are also popping up. The economic climate of the nation is also ripe for the picking.

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