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Seven Lucrative Sectors In Rwanda

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The Rwandan economy has been a shining example on the continent. It is a microcosm of the organization and pragmatic decisions taken over the years in shaping it. As the projections for growth remain positive, it will make a lot of sense to invest in Rwanda?

Are you struggling to find the right avenue to do business in Rwanda? Below are seven sectors for you to tap into a rapidly growing Rwandan economy and thrive. Before you continue reading, be kindly reminded of our Facebook platform. It is an edifying network of lovely minds where you will pick up amazing vital knowledge.

  1. Food processing: The Kagame government has been moving to increase the value of products over the years in their bid to make Rwanda an industrialized nation. Food processing and value addition are key areas to rapidly develop any nation. Importing and setting up shop in Rwanda shouldn’t be an issue. This nation is currently ranked number two on the continent with regards to doing business. You would be sure to get the requisite governmental support to acquire the needed logistics. With an abundant supply of foodstuff locally and regionally, you sure won’t be wanting for supply.
  2. Courier services: As a nation gets more sophisticated and modernized, people will opt to go for the most convenient ways to get the best quality. Rwanda is a nation that provides free WiFi at public spots and has pushed for a modernized nation. Currently, the trend of online shopping is catching up in Rwanda and if the pandemic has proven anything, it is the pertinence of this industry. Setting up a delivery business to facilitate commerce is a viable venture that is certain of enormous success. You would just have to be efficient in delivering consistent, punctual, excellent services.
  3. Construction: The current potential of the construction industry in Rwanda is infinite. This is currently being fueled by the rapid drive of the government to make Rwanda a developed country. And from all indications, this will remain the case in the immediate future. This push requires infrastructure to be built, managed, and maintained. If you intend doing business in Rwanda, this should be up your list. You just have to prove your skill if you are starting from scratch. There are also quite a lot of public-private ventures the government is clamoring for; which you can delve into.
  4. Real Estate: As a population grows, the need for adequate and comfortable accommodation for everyone becomes even more glaring. The current Rwandan population is one that is getting more literate and possesses stronger spending power. With better financing options being availed to them, more people can afford good homes. Companies that can fill in this need adequately by offering the populace excellent housing and recreational facilities have an extensive market base to serve. This is also a venture that the government will speedily and readily support.
  5. Agribusiness export: Thirty-three percent of Rwanda’s GDP comes from the agricultural sector. Notable exports include tea, coffee, maize, cassava, potatoes, and plantain. In addition to the Western market, there is a huge sub-market to serve in the sub-region.As industrialization takes hold and the application of modern skills and knowledge is implemented, yield is certainly bound to increase. Investors in this sector will not only have a continental market to meet but also an international one with an ever-increasing demand.
  6. Hospitality: Rwanda’s tourism and hospitality sector has always being a major player in the growth of the nation. It currently contributes 15.1% to the GDP of the nation and this is set to grow as the focus on the nation increases. The Rwandan Government has done a good job publicizing the nation over the years. Its partnership with Arsenal Football Club is one of its most visible moves. As tourism and the engagement of tourist services increases, the hospitality industry has to grow in quantity and quality to meet demands. With the right investment and publicity in place for a brand, you stand to make  huge wealth from this sector.
  7. Luxury Transport: The transportation industry is one that is a need of any population. The Rwandan population is on the increase and the need for such services for mass transport is even more crucial. Throw in the numbers that travel across the sub-region and you have a market of gargantuan magnitude to address. Just as it is with all things, people will always want the best quality at the cheapest price and in the most convenient form. Investing in a luxury transport business is a sure way to tap into the Rwandese gains. With time you can even diversify and incorporate air travel.

Rwanda has an average GDP growth of 8% over the past two decades. This is an apt reflection of the overall positive economic metrics of this beautiful nation. This in addition to her rank as the second easiest country on the continent to transact business leaves us with one conclusion. Rwanda is a bubbling economy ripe for plucky. We encourage all potential investors to judiciously peruse through this article and others we have posted on this website and our Facebook page. Do well to like these posts, comment on them, interact with fellow subscribers, and share them. We can guarantee you will love being part of the family.

FAQs for Seven Lucrative Sectors In Rwanda

Is the war still ongoing in Rwanda?

The Rwandan civil war that saw the infamous massacres officially ended in 1994. Since then, President Paul Kagame has done everything to make sure normalcy is maintained. This has created a climate of extolled safety and security over the past twenty-seven years. Such an atmosphere has allowed the country to blossom into what it currently is.

Do Rwandese treat foreigners well?

Like her other sister African nations, Rwanda is a place where foreigners are treated with the requisite respect and decorum. Unlike some African nations though, Rwandans are quite reserved people. They will kindly assist you with your needs but don’t expect a Rwandan to go out of their way and strike a conversation though.

Is Rwanda a great place for expatriates?

Rwanda is an excellent place for expatriates to live. It might not be a nation of exuberance like her cousins in the West but it provides you with the right environment. There are excellent schools around, top-notch modern facilities, fun things to do and most especially, lovely people to get to know.

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