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Ten Must-See Places in Kenya

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Maasai Mara

Arguably the most popular game reserve in the world, this 1510km2 of wonder is the epitome of magic. Along with its southern counterpart the Serengeti, they form the most amazing package of nature the world will ever know.
Be sure to bring your camera along.  There are elephants, hippos, lions, cheetahs and thousands of wildlife to capture in their glory. If lucky, you can see the migrating Wildebeest Nothing though will beat the breathtaking images that would be etched on your memory.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Even with large crowds of people around, this place is quite a serene one. Until recent times when the water level drastically rose, it used to have a large gathering of flamingos. You can still spot a few around alongside lots of species of other birds and animals. If you peek intensely, you might see a warthog or a python around the corner.

Tsavo National Park

Tsavo is a name renowned for the real-life tale of two man-eating lions that terrorized the area a couple of centuries ago. The region though holds more than that and one of its major sites gives you the opportunity to see real lions in all their majesty.
The Tsavo National Park has since 1948 been serving people with a wonderful diorama of nature. Aside from the awe-inspiring animals, other astounding features include Mudanda Rock, Aruba dam, Lugard Falls, and the world’s longest lava flow- The Yatta Plateau

Amboseli National Reserve

Noted as one of the best places to see large herds of elephants, this is one of Kenya’s favorite tourist attractions. The presence of Mount Kilimanjaro in the background further endorses its regal allure. It is thus no surprise it is tagged “the land of giants”.

This UNESCO site offers you the opportunity to meet the beautiful Masai people and see them living their simple inspiring lives in harmony with nature.


This beautiful seaside town was founded in the 13th century; albeit there is evidence it existed a couple of centuries before that. It has always been a thriving commune whose prosperity is only surpassed by the picturesque allure its location gives it.
There are so many places to see and things to do in this cauldron of engagement. You have the Church of St Francis Xavier, Vasco Da Gama cross, and Falconry of Kenya, etc.


This city is one large allure so we felt it would be a huge disservice to just suggest one site. The enigmatic city of Mombasa is one of the most popular cities ever known to man. Its rich diverse history an emblem of how far we have come as a race. It is thus only natural for such a place to house so many beauties and fantasies.

Mombasa’s vantage location as a coastal city has played a huge role in shaping what it is today. Be sure to be wrapped in the multiple colors this intriguing city constantly sprouts.

Hell’s Gate National Par

If you want a park that gives you the liberty to move around on foot or a bicycle, this is one of the few in Kenya. If you are an avid climber, this would be a minor incentive compared to the multiple climbing options you will see.

As you walk along be sure to encounter hot springs and natural geysers spewing out steam. All this with a wide array of wildlife dotted around to take a peek at you.

Ol Pejeta Conservancy

This not-for-profit organization is home to the largest population of Black Rhinos is East Africa. It is also poignantly the abode of the last two Northern White Rhinos in the world.
Since 1988, this ranch has offered a safe haven to Africa’s big five and other amazing species of animals. This emblem of conservation and sustainability is set against the backdrop of the snowcapped Mount Kenya; adding to an already surreal experience.

Lake Naivasha

Lake Naivasha is an alluring fresh water lake that serves as the home to the world’s heaviest freshwater mammal-the hippopotamus. It is also a beautiful converging point for hundreds of birds thus making it a paradise for birders.

Albeit you can move around the reserve, the best way to appreciate its grace is to take a boat trip. The ambiance of the diverse flora and fauna will be the apt inspiration you need.

Lamu Island

This tranquil location belies its gorgeous history of being home to Kenya’s oldest continually inhabited settlement. This settlement Lamu Old Town is also another of Kenya’s UNESCO’s world heritage sites.

With every step you take along it, this city which also doubles as a port is certain to present you with old-world gifts that will give you a peek into its rich past.

The beauty of Kenya is boundless and even after seeing these places, there are still endless wonders the nation has. You should make it a must to see this country at least once in your lifetime and revel in the breathtaking wonder she renders. Hopefully, you get to do so this year. Do not forget though that we have a page on Facebook that contains beautiful articles such as this. It is also an amazing platform to form bonds with like minds. Subscribe if you haven’t, like, comment on posts, and share them.

FAQ for Ten Must-See Places in Kenya

Are Kenyan parks safe?

There is huge international interest in the parks and reserves of Kenya. This sees thousands of tourists flocking in each month to have a feel. It is only natural that personnel in these parks have the best training. So Yes! Kenyan parks are manned by some of the finest manpower. Your safety is guaranteed

Are there world-class accommodation facilities in Kenya?

Kenya has so many lovely accommodations for both short and long-term stays. These facilities are all around the country and are all dependent on your budget and what you specifically desire. There are places available on residential booking platforms like Airbnb. There are also a plethora of hotels that fit your needs and wants.

Can I find good schools in Kenya for my wards?

Yes, you can find excellent educational facilities in Kenya for your children. These institutions cut across both the primary and secondary levels of education.They come with world-class facilities, services, and some of the finest tutors. You are certain to find international institutions containing students from more than fifty different nationalities.

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