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Ten Reasons to Invest In Rwanda

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But she has used that experience as a springboard and risen admirably from that. And in doing so has become a nation that is an international emblem of fortitude and prosperity.

Thinking of investing in Africa? Rwanda should be up there on your list. This article lists out the answers to your why. Before you continue reading, be kindly reminded of our Facebook page which has edifying content and is a great place to engage and get to know some beautiful minds.

Political Stability and Security in Rwanda

Over the past twenty-seven years, Paul Kagame has ruled the nation with a firm grip. This has built the tranquility the nation currently enjoys. His history as an emancipator has rallied the nation behind him.
The backing of the nation has aided him properly implement the vision he has for the enhancement of his people. For investors in Rwanda, this peaceful and secured atmosphere creates the apt platform for prosperity.

Ease of doing business in Rwanda

Rwanda ranks as the third easiest place to do business in Africa. Indicators actually project that it would take the number one position before the end of the decade. Registration of a business in Rwanda takes an average of three hours given you have the requisite documentation.
Getting clearance from other governmental agencies is also largely hassle-free. The fact that corruption in the Rwandese public sector is almost zero means you don’t need to worry about bribes and kickbacks.

Government Incentives in Rwanda

The RDB (Rwanda’s Development Board) has been the main player in dictating the flow of investments into the country. They have done an excellent job of offering apt incentives to viable investors. This is key to the growth Rwanda enjoys today.
Notable incentives include fiscal ones like exemptions from capital gain tax and zero corporate income tax. It also includes non-fiscal ones like duty exemptions on certain logistics and speed access credit to investors in rural areas.

Boundless Investment Opportunities in Rwanda

As Paul Kagame rapidly pushes for the industrialization and modernization of his nation, countless opportunities arise in tandem. There is the need for factories to be built which creates avenues for the construction and engineering industry. Value needs to be added to agricultural products. Energy would be needed to power all these facilities. In this age of computerization, information and communication technology experts are needed to create tools to facilitate things. The potential for investment in Rwanda is infinite.

Rapid expansion of amenities and utilities in Rwanda

Water and electricity are two key utilities every major investor requires to start operation. Without this, the investor would have to spend huge sums to generate these.
Rwanda has over the past few decades gone on a rapid drive for the provision of electricity, potable water, and other basics across the nation. Currently, more than 77% of Rwandese have access to potable water and 59.7% are connected to an electrical supply.

Favorable Position in the Sub-region in Rwanda

Rwanda seats in a strategic position on the sub-region. Despite being a landlocked nation, it is a nation that is a channel for the movement of persons and wares across the sub-region.
The bloc of Eastern African nations allows the free movement of goods and persons as long as you have the right documents. In addition to trade agreements signed between these nations, it means you have a market of more than 400 million people to serve.

Good Reputation on the International Stage in Rwanda

Given the transformation, Rwanda has had over the years, it has etched a good image for itself on the international scene. One of respect and dignity.

This has led to the signing of economic and diplomatic deals with many elite nations. Nations donate huge sums to Rwanda and also encourage their citizens to invest in it. The nation has also done an excellent job in marketing itself to the world.

Favorable Social conditions in Rwanda

Rwanda has one of the finest security statuses on the continent. Crime rates are one of the lowest internationally. Rwandans are also highly disciplined people with an astutely professional security force that reflects this discipline.
The tendency to face a hurdle of corruption is nonexistent. You can invest in Rwanda being rest assured that that you, your family, your staff, and your assets are secured.

Consistent Excellent Economic Growth in Rwanda

Rwanda has had constant, excellent, and positive economic indicators over the past twenty-seven years. GDP and GDP per capital has steadily gone on an upward drive over the past two decades In fact the average GDP growth approximately over the last decade is 6.32%.
Throw in the fact that we are still struggling with a pandemic and you would appreciate better how impressive this figure is.  Such encouraging metrics are surely a nudge to any potential investor to plant their money in this country.

Good pool of workers in Rwanda

Education has been on the ascendancy in Rwanda. Citizens are being sponsored on scholarships to become specialists in an array of fields. The rapid expansion and developmental projects have also seen artisans getting formally and informally trained.
Rwanda being a hub of economic growth has also attracted a huge population of migrants. Investors will not be short of skilled or unskilled personnel for their tasks.

There couldn’t have been a better time to invest in this beautiful nation. You have the wind in your sails and a thriving economic port to lower your anchor into. With this little nudge we have given you, you have no excuse not to venture into Rwanda and do business. For more educating and interesting information regarding anything Africa, do kindly check out our Facebook page. It is a great place to interact with like minds and form vital connections. Kindly remember to like, comment on and share all the posts you read. 

FAQ for Ten Reasons to Invest In Rwanda

Are there good educational facilities in Rwanda?

Rwanda is a modern nation. It has top-notch facilities and its educational sector is no exception. If you are looking for excellent educational institutions for your wards, be rest assured you will find academies in Rwanda that suit your desires. All having the requisite staff and facilities.

Will I be able to get all my grocery supplies?

You can basically get anything and everything you desire in Rwanda. There are many high-profile grocery shops and supermarkets dotted around for you to pick up your needs from. If you want to explore the nation better, you can go to the local market stalls to seek your grocery.

Are the foodstuff sold in Rwanda Organic or genetically modified?

Rwandans are largely like most Africans and have a phobia of genetically modified food. You will be certain to get farm-fresh produce when you go shopping around in the produce. Even at high-end stores, organic products are what you will find. The same applies to animal products.

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