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Ten Top Restaurants in Kigali

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The beauty of Rwanda goes beyond the neatness of the country, the discipline of her people, and the rapid modern outlay it has. It is also reflected in her food and the delicacies served to tease your palate.

Are you having issues choosing a good restaurant to go to or place an order from? Have no worry, below is a list of our top ten restaurants in Kigali. For your convenience, we have only included those with websites and platforms to order online. Do kindly be reminded of our Facebook page which contains amazing information on Africa. Kindly follow our page if you haven’t, and join the family. 

1- The Bistro is the restaurant section of the beautiful City Blue Hotels.

Perched in a way that helps you appreciate the breathtaking skyline, this restaurant is an the epitome of class and poise. And the dishes served reflect this. With an extensive intercontinental culinary range, whatever your preference, you are assured of getting it. You can also call in to request your table to be set romantically for a date.

2- Soleluna restaurant

If you need a place to taste the famed classy culinary skills of Italians, this is it. For twenty years now, this restaurant sat in Kigali has served a wide array of Italian dishes to patrons. In fact, their menu is so vast, you would be forgiven to think you are in Italy. The service they render is not only limited to Italian food. You are assured of getting amazing wines produced in Italy at their bar. They also whip up some amazing cocktails.

3- Shere Sardar restaurant

This place is another one on this list that is a facet of a hospitality complex. They serve a wide range of Indian dishes presented in the most authentic way and with the best taste. They offer private dining services as well so you can book the place for as many as five hundred guests. The Shere Sadar gives you a magnificent view of Kigali as you indulge yourself in the amazing delights she serves.

4- Lavana restaurant

This place has gained a reputation as the home of wholesome food served in healthy portions. The presentation of their cuisine is art on its own. As a place that serves international dishes, you are sure to be spoilt of choices. They are currently offering a limited menu due to the pandemic. Nonetheless, it is still a stacked one you are sure to enjoy. Friday is the best time to go there if you want to enjoy live music. They also offer apt services like gift cards and two-for-one pizza promotions.

5- Heaven restaurant

This is one of the two restaurants that is part of the amazing facilities offered by Heaven Rwanda. The unique feature of this place is its emphasis on African and African-influenced cuisine. This place has an atmosphere that indeed befits its name. The food is delectable and will get you ordering for more. You can decide to also explore some of the other facilities before or after your meal.

6- The Hut restaurant

Arguably the most popular eatery in Kigali and one with a minimum rating of four on all the major hospitality sites. This is the only place that makes it on our list despite not currently having an active website. We simply don’t want you to miss out on it. On the flip side, they have an active Facebook page you can place your orders. Having a collection of tasty, healthy meals on its menu, the service the staff offer makes The Hut Kigali a place to savor. Its proximity to major places in Rwanda is also an added incentive.

7- Borneo Indonesian Restaurant

Indonesian cuisine? Well if you are not Indonesian and you are a food buff, this is a place you must patronize when you are in Kigali. Presented in all the famed Asian simplicity, it concentrates on the more important things- food and service. The family-oriented feel of the restaurant and the caring nature of the staff creates the air that you are in your grandmother’s kitchen. We are yet to see anyone have an issue with their service. And oh!! If you are a meat lover, we recommend the chicken curry.

8- Repub Lounge

This place has an art gallery feel about it. Clad in simple yet artistic furniture and having its walls dotted with carvings and paintings, its artistic air couldn’t be more intense. Being perched on a hill is the final touch to this perfect work of art. This allure is also present in the food and drinks served here. With over a hundred options of food and drinks to choose from, there is certainly something for you. And oh!!! They offer free WiFi.

9- Habesha Ethiopian Restaurant

The legendary spicy meat, the famed vegetables, and the famous Injera are fabled traditions of the ancient kingdom of Ethiopia. The Habesha literally takes you on a trip of tales of its home country with its meals and ambiance. These masters of Ethiopian culinary magic whip up a combination of various traditional and modern Ethiopian dishes. This they do with traditional Ethiopian music in the background on Fridays.

10- Monmartse Korean Restaurant

Korean restaurants are normally few and farfetched in Africa. Kigali is no exception. But when you find one, it literally is a one-stop place of premium quality. Monmartse is an eatery that presents you with the best of Korean cuisine in the typical Korean style. Set up like a typical eatery in Korea, with its decorations and the availability of Korean drinks, this place is the perfect ambassador of Korean culinary delights. 

Like most modern capital cities in the world, Kigali has got something for everyone. Whatever your nationality or your culinary preferences, you are sure to get what you desire. The good thing is that there is always something to fit your budget whilst you relax and revel in the aura. Whenever you are in Kigali, do well to check any or all of these places. You won’t be disappointed. At this juncture, I will like to remind you of our social media platform that contains lovely articles on Africa. Subscribe and meet amazing minds. Do like our posts, comment on them and share them.

FAQ for Restaurants in Kigali

Can I go on a road trip from Rwanda to Tanzania?

You can actually have an amazing road trip from Kigali to Dars Es Salaam. The average distance by road is 25 hours 32 mins. There are actually buses that ply this route and some of them offer luxury bus services. None of them though beats taking a trip on your own.

Is Rwanda a good investment option?

Rwanda is one of the best countries to put your money into. There are a vast array investment options plus you would have the government throwing in lots of incentives. The safety, stability, and security of Rwanda in addition to the discipline of her people are added perks.

Is there a dress code in Rwanda?

No, you are free to wear whatever you want in Rwanda and walk around in it. As long as you are not naked or create any indecent exposure of your vital areas, you are good to go. Rwanda is a modern nation and embraces the different colors that come with modernity.

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