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Top Seven Estate Communities in Accra, Ghana

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Planning on moving to Ghana? Do you have the finances to rent or buy one of such homes? Seven options are listed below for you to pick from. If you are seeking a one-stop platform to garner more information and network, we have the right one for you.

Accra – Villagio Vista (North Airport Road)

The country was taken by storm in 2016 when the Villagio Vista was unveiled right at the prime location it sits (close to other landmarks including the airport). This building which got the inspiration for its external look from the legendary Kente is indeed an amazing sight to behold.
Adjacent to the equally famous Accra city mall, this 200 plus apartment edifice comes with the most astounding facilities. It has a rooftop pool, a fitness center, office spaces, and restaurants. All of these encompassed within three high-rise blocks. All providing a divine view of the surrounding landscape. It is thus no surprise that this is the number one pick by most tourists.

Trassaco Valley East Legon – Accra

You can’t mention luxurious apartments in Ghana without using the name Trassaco. This company is not just associated with high-class residential estates. It has also become synonymous with prestige, class, and serenity. Even Villagio mentioned above is one of their units. Not only do apartments come equipped with standard equipment, you also have the option of requesting them to be fitted with your preferences. The landscape of the area is alluring. Given the caliber of people that live here, you are certain of having great neighbors.

Regimanuel Gray Estates (Ballon Gate Kwabenya) in Accra

The Regimanuel Gray Real Estate Company is a household name in Ghana and easily one of the top three companies in its industry. It has over the years churned out four different communal apartments. All of them are known to be of high quality, trendy and well-stacked.
The Balloon Gate community at Kwabenya is known as the astute illustration of this companies worth and prowess. It is packed with all the requisite communal facilities. Each home also comes fitted with the most modern gadgets and devices that you desire.

Devtraco Courts Community 25 Tema Accra

Another major player in the housing industry in Ghana. This company has had a foothold in the country since 1993. Its major facility is the Devtraco court which is located at Community 25 Tema. Technically Tema is not part of Accra but given its proximity to Accra and being part of the Greater Accra Region, it is generally accepted as such.

In addition to fine ultramodern apartments, Devtraco Court comes loaded with many community facilities. It has its fire and police stations, a kid’s playground and a Go-Kart race track, a clubhouse, a swimming pool, etc.

Manet Gardens Spintex Road in Accra

Manet properties is akin to the gentle giant that doesn’t talk much yet makes great strides. It is not as popular as most of the names mentioned on this list but it has some of the finest luxury apartments in this country. All located at prime areas.
For the past two decades, it has rolled out over 2000 residential apartments and other top-notch real estate facilities. The most popular of the lot that has seemingly replaced the name of the company is Manet Gardens Spintex. This was their flagship project which to this day is one the best gated community in Ghana and remains the emblem of the company.

Parakuo Estates Dome – Ghana Accra

A ten-year structural warranty –the only of its kind in Africa is what this company offers you when you purchase a unit. Apt proof of the high quality they offer and the confidence they have in their craft and materials.
Although not as prestigious as all the names on this list and not offering the plethora of luxurious facilities they offer, it comes with its pros. In addition to the above-mentioned warranty, it has history on its side-having being in the business since 1986. It is also within proximity to notable places like the Achimota mall and the Dome market. Lastly, it is economical and sited in a place that will give you a true feel of Ghana.

Appolonia City, Oyibi Accra

This is a daring enterprise from a relatively new entrant to the housing industry. This is simply not just your traditional residential estate or high-rise apartment facility. With a targeted 25,000 apartment units estimated to house 100,000 residents, this is indeed befitting of the “city” tag.
Imagine a city largely powered by clean energy with a 200-acre light industrial park. A 120-acre central business district and over 300 acres of public parks and gardens. All these to serve homes that are fitted with the best technologically advanced equipment and devices. That is what you get here.

In addition to offering you a range of luxurious facilities, such abodes provide you with apt security and a tranquil ambiance. Most are also at vantage locations that readily and easily offer you access to some choice locations in the capital.
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Is Ghana a religiously intolerant nation?

Ghana is a secular country- this means that all religions are permissible by law here. So legally there is nothing preventing anyone from practicing their faith. Culturally and societally, there has always been astute respect for people of whatever faith. It is common practice for Ghanaians to wish each other well during festivities and share food and gifts with everyone.

Was Kwame Nkrumah a bad ruler?

Africa’s man of the millennium!!! That is what Kwame Nkrumah is. You don’t get such an accolade by being a bad ruler. Nkrumah is not only an emblem to the African race, he is a standard of what excellent leadership should be. A fine leader that will always be an inspiration to us all.

Has Ghana produced any great boxer?

Boxing is entrenched as part and parcel of Ghana’s culture especially those of Ga ethnicity. Accra is thus internationally recognized as a hotspot for boxing talents. Aside from the legendary Hall of Famer “The Professor” Azumah Nelson, Ghana has also produced notable titleholders like D.K. Poison( David Kotei), Joshua Clottey, Nana Konadu, Ike Quartey, and Joseph Agbeko.

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