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Top Seven Private Senior High Schools in Accra

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Are you relocating to Ghana and having a hard time finding the perfect private high school? Well, we have listed seven of these for your perusal. As always they have active websites for you to satiate whatever inquiries you have. Do kindly be reminded of our Facebook page. It contains a lot of edifying information and is also a lovely forum to link up with great people.

Ghana International School

One of the most prestigious educational institutions in the country. Proof of this is in it being the only school in Ghana certified by the Council of International Schools (CIS) and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC).

In its nearly seven decades of existence, it has maintained a high standard as one of the most preferred international schools in the country.  Its student population of approximately 1400 are from fifty different nations. Your ward(s) will thus be attending an institution of heritage, quality and diversity.

American International School in Accra

This is another of the international institutions in Ghana that is as good as any anywhere in the world. Located in the luxurious serene neighborhood of East Legon your child is sure to have the right ambiance to nurture growth.

This institution is founded on the tenets of Christianity and lovingly imbibes such virtues in your ward as they nurture him/her. If you are an ardent Christian, this is a place for your child. Despite its Christian foundation, it is a non-discriminatory institution and embraces people of all faith and races. It is a place of staff and students of many ethnicities and creeds.

East Airport International School

One of the young schools on this list; at just 19 years since its inception. Yet it has made great strides in cementing itself as not just one of the best high schools but one of the highest-rated for foreigners.

Its emphasis on technology is reflected by its state of the art Science and ICT labs. This school runs the Cambridge Curriculum and has excellent professionals to teach its subjects. Its non-academic staff are also well trained and astute professionals. The holistic growth of your child is so important that he/she has a special tutor tasked to observe his/her development.

Alpha Beta School in Accra

One of the pacesetters on the Montessori system of teaching and one that has become synonymous with it. Much more popular for its crèche and other lower schools, its secondary school which was added in 2004 is also guided and operated with identical quality.
Despite being a young entrant to the foray of secondary education, this institution has an excellent track record in IGCSE and A-level examinations. This is no surprise to those who have inside Intel on it. With the most modern equipment, top-notch teachers, and the fervent desire to get the best from everyone, excellence is certain to be achieved.

International Community School

Another 21st century addition to this list. This educational complex is made up of two branches. One at Kumasi and the other at Accra. Both can easily stake a claim of being among the top 10 private senior high schools in Ghana 

Like most international institutions it follows the Cambridge curricular. There is a deliberate effort to make students realize that they are firstly international citizens. This ethos aids in molding your child into an astute leader and human. The school currently has citizens from approximately thirty different countries.

Lincoln Community School in Ghana

Over the years, this school has gained a negative reputation sort of; as a place for the affluent. This is due to its high school fees. On proper scrutiny, this is a bit unfair. The school charges international rates due to its high foreign population. On the last count, people from sixty-two different nationalities school here.

This foreign population is not just limited to students. They employ some of the finest international staff as well. In addition to the best of facilities to educate your ward, your child is certain to feel at ease here.

Ghana Christian International High School

This school was set up by the esteemed academic Professor Stephen Adei, his family, and a group of friends. The vision was to set up an institution to train excellent leaders who have a strong foundation in the core principles of Christianity. This is reflected in the motto of the institution “For God, family, and country”. 

It is thus not a mere coincidence that since its foundation, it has chalked several notable laurels. The most popular ones being its back-to-back best GCE Ordinary Level School of the year awards for the years 2018 and 2019.

It is worth noting that these private institutions don’t offer the free education package the Ghanaian Government has implemented over the past few years. It is thus important to make all the necessary findings about fees so you budget aptly. We will also suggest you make a physical examination of whatever choice you pick before making any payment.
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FAQ for Top Seven Private Senior High Schools in Accra

Is driving in Accra hectic?

Generally, driving in Accra is certainly not for the fainthearted; especially during rush hours. There are the rapidly increasing illegal commercial motorbikes trying to sneak around cars, drivers try to cut corners and there is so much noise and insults being hurled around. You would need all of your wits and some more.

Which localities are the most serene in Accra?

There are many top-notch localities in Accra that offer the apt calm, amenities, and utilities. We actually have an article on this, you should check it out. Quickly though, we will name the most renowned ones- East Legon, Airport Residential Area, Dzorwulu, Tesano, and Tantra.

Aside from taxis, are there any other means of Public transport in Accra?

The only other legal means of public transit in Accra are buses. This may be the popular private buses which are popularly called Trotro or the large mass transit government buses which are commonly referred to as Ayaalolo and Metro Mass. Don’t take motorbikes, they are illegal and dangerous.

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